Up-Dated by 6pm every Thursday

IIt is the player's responsibility to check this list every Thursday. If your name is shown within both groups you are required to stay for the entire day. If you are a position/pitcher, you need to check within both sections (pitchers and regulars). At the bottom, you will see the players that have the day off for the upcoming week. If your name is not shown within the players off section, and you requested to be off, you need to contact us immediately. Each week we spend over two hours working out the schedule. It is imperative that you let us know no later than Wednesday if there is any circumstance that will not allow you to be there, or if you will have to leave early. Remember to bookmark this website.

Click on the contact tab to the left if you need to call the Manager.

Check your e-mail or call Thorny to verify that the game is still on in the case of rain

Right click and hit refresh before clicking on line-up

Click on the date below to view and print this weeks Line-up, BP Groups, Roster, Pitching Rotations and Evaluation Sheets. One click will print out everything you need for this weeks game. We will not have rosters available for you at the field.

Oct 8th Sunday, 2017